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Welcome to the Home of TrueCompanion. Announcing our updated Sex Robot named Roxxxy! She weighs 60 pounds.

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Sex Robots: Meet Roxxxy, Robot That Comes With 'Skank Mode' [NSFW, VIDEO]

For instance, you would not immediately passionately kiss a person male or female that you just met on your first date. I certify that I meet the above criteria:

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Sexually transmitted diseases and infections would be non-existent, Yeoman and Mars said, because the sex robots would be made of bacteria-resistant fiber that would be flushed of human fluids after the sex acts. Roxxxy comes with a variety of modes, including Skank Mode. When our sex robot, Roxxxy, is using her Frigid Farrah personality note: A pair of New Zealand researchers say sex robots will revolutionize the sex tourism business by
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  1. Announcing our updated Sex Robot named Roxxxy! We will be releasing a male sex robot soon.