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Manipulative, vicious well-intentioned extremist. A quite stereotypical gypsy band appears in Ever After , and initially attempting to steal Danielle's dress and hold the prince hostage, but after she impresses them with her quick thinking they give everything back and invite the couple to their revelries.

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Its portrayal is Fair for Its Day: With him paying her rent too, it obviously bothered her that she accepted money from the man she loved for sex but she needed the money for the other necessities of life, food, clothes, and toiletries.

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The one excellent thing about this story is that the children find out, almost incidentally, what happened to the real Romany and why playing "gypsies" is not a cool idea. Labs, they eventually managed to imprison him, but he told Barry that he knew the identity of Barry's nemesis Savitar , and would tell him if they released him. The same book also has Zoons, who are barge-travelling merchants who find the concept of lying strange the ones who are good at dealing with outsiders call themselves Liars, because that's what they have to do. Sweet mother and second cousin of fanservice, Tai Lung. With his wife, Donna, on so very many committees and involved in so very many charities, she had friends everywhere and they all liked to gossip, speculate, and spread rumors and innuendoes about him cheating on her.
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  1. Graendal's a voluptuous temptress whose perverse kinks are the stuff of legend, Rahvin's a dashing ladies' man, and all the rest scrub up pretty well except Aginor and Balthamel and Balthamel is eventually placed in the body of a beautiful young woman and assumes the persona of a brazen but seemingly harmless hussy. They are known to travel around in caravans and there are many stereotypes surrounding them painting them as thieves and Skooma dealers.