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The mask did not fall, but obviously another hook was torn from her gums and the lower part departed a few millimetres. The departing nails were followed by dark red blood and the usual screaming from Amber.

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She had also seen Eva's ass before, they were roomates and even if in the beginning the religious girl was far too shy, later she got used to staying in their room wearing only panties, after they locked the door of course.

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At least she seemed to still wear her clothes, the sexy but not too short black skirts with the sleeveless grey shirt. As she fell, it quickly changed to extremely tight, the redhead pulling hard on the entwined rope as Tracy choked and flailed in the air as her fall was cut short in seconds.

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Eva stopped screaming for just one moment, as with a tiny, almost inaudible snap that somehow managed to fill the quiet room, the nail detached from the toe. As a woman who always paid attention to her body, regularly visited gyms and still attended aerobic training three times a week, Tracy was in perfect condition, having the gym inside her personal trinity of nailshop, wellness centre, shopping centre helped her a lot to accomplish the hurdle of the balance beam. You cannot expect me to do such a thing to my own child!

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We do not expect you to enjoy this tale. Tracy desperately struggled to get back into the first room, her vision blurring, her legs refusing to move how she wanted them to. If this would happen I'm afraid Amber would really be upset of you, so I guess she can much easier live witrhout toenails than without breasts, do you agree? Instead, she grasped at the ground with her hands frozen in a claw-like position, and pulled herself along. The pain radiating from her freshly broken toenails mixed together with the vicious biting being done deep in her bowels.
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  1. With a loud crack, her second toenail broke into two halves and the screaming Tracy succesfully shook the other glowing iron from her sole as well, bringing general happiness to the studio, some of the ladies even rewarded her with applause. Tracy could just about hear Emma counting down in a childlike singsong voice.

  2. She did not wear bras, walking in the killing heat proved to be much more comfortable wothout them.